sister ayanda ngidi
Registered Nurse & Midwife Specialist

I’m so excited to be part of Birth on 5th. With a career in midwifery of over 12 years, I’ve always felt that there is a big gap in society for affordable good quality care maternity care that will offer support, guidance and health education to women to assist them to make their own choices with regards to their care.

We now offer a client focused model of care that is accessible and will cater to women’s needs with focus to their and their children’s safety.

I’ve been in private practice for the past 5 years,  offering my services to women from all walks of all. I’ve found that it is essential to involve the family in the process to facilitate early bonding and ease the integration of the new member in the family.

My approach is as natural as safely possible with the focus on empowering the women to have the best birth experience possible. I’m teaming up with my mentor, an amazing and passionate Midwife.

And together we are a formidable team. Looking forward to making beautiful memories and help women transition into parenthood.