Birth on 5th is a fully equipped Birthing unit safe for the arrival of your precious little one. Mums will have access to  ultrasounds, antenatal care, antenatal and postnatal classes. Birth in a hotel like setting, whilst been pampered throughout. Breastfeeding assistance and weekly baby weights can be done at our facility.

  • Birthing of low risk pre -screened clients.
  • Water birth facilities are available
  • Antenatal consultations and management of low risk clients
  • Antenatal classes for expectant couples
  • Breastfeeding assistance
  • Postnatal care, support and management to minimize postnatal depression and promote mental wellbeing.
  • Educational programs for expectant parents and caregivers.
  • weekly weight check services are available
  • Postnatal book in’s are available for neonatal jaundice support and postnatal support.
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At Birth on 5th we understand the importance of having your loved ones around, and have created a relaxing child safety garden to keep your little ones occupied whilst you have freedom of movement around the garden.

Free Wi-Fi is available on check in, couple meals are included. We are big on pampering and have included  a postnatal massage for every new mum before leaving our facility, whilst dads & kids can enjoy the outside jacuzzi facilities.

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 “You don’t have to go far for pampering ….enjoy our hotel like rooms during your stay”