This low risk admission criteria below has been thoroughly assessed, and  designed to ensure patient safety for a home birth unit, client satisfaction and minimal emergency transfer out.

 Clients who do not fit the criteria for Birth on 5th may still birth with one of our midwives at our affiliated maternity hospital or Active Birth Unit.

All Clients must fit the inclusion criteria (many taken from the SANC regulations and SOP)

Clients must ensure that they have attended antenatal care by their midwife and the backup OBGYN or clinic. Clients are to be booked by no later than 34 weeks and with a full medical & surgical history obtained.

Clients must fall into low risk category stipulated below :

  • No Primigravidas ( first time mums)
  • No known medical history of diabetes, asthma, cardiac needing treatment. 
  • No PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) 
  • No Gestational Diabetes
  • No abnormalities in blood work. All antenatal bloods must be in keeping with normal limits.
  • No adverse effect on the present confinement, previous pregnancy, labour or puerperium.
  • No previous cesarean section or surgery on the uterus. 
  • No known bleeding disorders, previous blood transfusions, or haemorrhage.
  • No signs of fetal distress. 
  • No previous stillbirths, or history of neonatal death in the third trimester. 
  • A highBMI >40will not be accepted. 
  • No psychiatric conditions or patients on antianxiolytics, antidepressants, or any chronic/long term medication. 
  • No substance abuse- any drugs,narcotics, alcohol, cannabis. 
  • No low haemoglobin levels. An HB under 10mg/dl will not be accepted. 
  • No Grand Multipara > 6 
  • No Intrauterine Growth retardation/ macrosomia
  • No Polyhydramnios

All clients must understand that even if they are booked at Birth on 5th, in the event of fetal deceleration, any fetal distress, maternal medical changes or failure to progress in labour according to the maternal guidelines that she will be transferred to the back-up hospital for safety.

  • The following clients may be referred out during labour :
  • Preterm labour (before 37weeks)
  • Preterm & prelabour rupture of membranes with no signs of labour- over 12 hours ( as inductions cannot be done at a home birth unit)
  • Prelabour rupture of membranes + infection will be referred out immediately
  • Prolonged latent phase needing admission > 12 hours. 
  • Fetal heart abnormality 
  • Maternal pyrexia (fever) with no changes after arrival. 
  • Any sign of maternal hypertension or eclampsia. 
  • Intrapartum haemorrhage (abruptio placenta, placenta praevia, rupture uterus)
  • Poor progress in labour (if there is very slow progress or dilatation in active labour) 
  • Any Newly diagnosed malpresentation: breech, face, brow or shoulder
  • Thick meconium stained liquor (this shows that the baby is passing a stool in utero and is showing signs of distress) 
  • Cord prolapse or cord presentation
  • Hb < 10g%
  • Patients who require epidural or additional analgesia
  • Prolonged second stage (actively pushing for a long time with no progress) 
  • Postpartum haemorrhage > 500ml of blood loss. 
  • Retained placenta
  • Third-degree tear (this will need repair in a theater) 
  • Vulval haematoma
  • Uterine inversion
  • Any patient needing induction and/or intervention
  • The following clients may be referred out after birth:
  • Maternal pyrexia (A temperature > 38°C)
  • PPH (Postpartum haemorrhage)
  • Any Suspected infection. 
  • Mastitis
  • DVT (deep vein thrombosis) 
  • Puerperal psychosis

Clients will be transferred to the back up hospital if there are any changes in the fetal or maternal conditions. Booking at the unit does not guarantee a birth here, in the event of any of the above.

You and your baby’s safety is our first priority. 

“Remember that you are a queen and should birth like royalty”