Pricing & Packages 
All packages include active labour stay & the midwife fees 
Price of packages exclude blood tests, antenatal consultations with midwives & doctors.
Postnatal consultations with the GP & paediatricians are not included in packages. 
Please refer to the criteria, to ensure that you fit the Birth on 5th low risk criteria. 
Everyone deserves affordable care without any compromise. 
Packages are taylor made to suit your needs, whilst offering affordable care in a luxurious, serene setting. We value our clients and our aim is that all women feel like royalty throughout their birthing experience and stay at Birth on 5th.
All packages will include one halaal meal for the couple after birth (additional meals are charged for separately) . Please stipulate if there are any special dietary requirements. 
All mums are required to come back  for postnatal visits 3 days after birth at no charge, where we will assess mum and baby’s wellbeing. 


“Remember that you are a queen and should birth like royalty”